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We offer consultation services that will help through the entire warehouse operation, from start to finish. We are based in Shandong, China, but travel across all over the word helping you design, plan and excute all your warehouse needs. We also offer our Warehouse Maximizer Program, helping you maximize your warehouse space.

Warehouse Design

By using advanced technology, including the newest CAD software and equipment, we set ourselves apart from other material handing companies. With that technology in place, we can produce 3D conceptual and installation images as well as superior supervision of the actual installation.

Space Planning

With your desired design in place we help you plan your new warehouse setup, remodel or complete warehouse relocation. We can help you plan your entire warehouse layout & design, including your storage rack systems, logistic equipments, and powder coating as well as decking and shelving.


With our experience in warehouse design, planning and installation and with the right material systems in place, we ensure that the execution of your warehouse setup is done right from start to finish. Check out our Successful Warehouse Cases.

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Storage Rack Systems

Learn about our Engineered Storage Rack Systems.

Selective Pallet Rack, Double-deep Pallet Rack, Drive-in Pallet Rack, VNA;

Mezzanine Floor Rack; Boltless Steel Shelf, Home-use Angle Steel Rack; Tire Storage Rack…

We also offer warehouse design, space planning, warehouse walk-throughs and more.

Logistic Equipments

Learn about our Engineered Logistic Equipments.

Stacking Rack, Pallet, Storage Cage, Logistic Trolley, Turnover Box, Workshop Series and more.

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Hasan Bokhari
Arab emirates
"Our company has partnered with TOPEASY INDUSTRY on many projects over the past 5 years. They have consistently delivered a high quality product while making the implementation process as easy as possible for our company and our customer. Their knowledge and experience in the rack storage and structure space is always on full display when working together to develop the right solution for a project. Topeasy Industry proven approach to manufacturing and implementation has certainly allowed our company to successfully deliver projects to our clients on time and within budget."
Thomas Busciglio
"TOPEASY INDUSTRY has been great to work with on our large projects. Their quality, pricing, and service has helped our jobs come in on time and on budget and their creativity has helped us with flexible designs where necessary."
"I have been happily cooperating with TOPEASY INDUSTRY for over 3 years. Their quality and service is great, their staff knowledgeable and willing to help us out when needed. I am happy to recommend TOPEASY INDUSTRY to others."
South Africa
"We have been using TOPEASY for our powder coating for over 10 years. The team at TOPEASY never fail to get our doors back to South Africa in on time and also offer great support to us when we need a quick turnaround. We can confidently recommend TOPEASY as a solid and reliable supplier for your powder coating needs."

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