How to arrange the wall between the support column and the shelf?

Wall support columns will affect the warehouse shelf layout, and the more warehouse support columns, the more difficult the layout. Then, how does the warehouse shelf layout meet the wall support column? Which shelf layout scheme is appropriate? How to set the relative relationship between the support column, the shelf and the channel?

The layout of the warehouse shelves meets the three treatment methods of the wall support columns:

  1. Place the support column in the middle of the two back-to-back shelves.
    This kind of solution is relatively ideal. The column does not prevent the staff from accessing the goods or reducing the storage capacity in the shelf. However, this solution has the biggest disadvantage, it will waste a certain amount of warehouse space, the product The amount of storage will decrease and the utilization of the warehouse will decrease.
  2. Place the support column in the channel of the shelf.
    This layout scheme should be the most unsatisfactory, but when there are many rows of warehouse pillars, this scheme is inevitable, which requires layout, try to increase the relative distance between the pillars and the shelves, and ensure the storage capacity of the warehouse. As well as staff productivity, many users are suitable for this form.
  3. Place the support column on the edge of the shelf or in the middle of two parallel rows of shelves. This kind of solution is relatively reasonable, it only reduces a small amount of storage, and has no effect on the efficiency of the entire warehouse staff!

All applications of warehouse design are based on data. Without data, it is impossible to design. Blindly shooting your head may lead to decision-making mistakes and cause major economic losses. Therefore, when doing the overall warehousing design, the first task is to get the basic data for the warehouse design, and the second is to use the rich practical experience and level to design.

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