How to choose suitable steel pallets for different industries?

Steel pallet is a kind of pallet used for mechanized loading and unloading, handling and stacking of goods. Forklifts or trucks can be used for operations. Commonly used pallets with corrugated panels and C-shaped panels. It can be designed with two-way feeder or four-way feeder. According to the different load-bearing capacity, two-leg and three-leg structure can be designed. For pallets with large size and large load-bearing, four-leg structure can also be designed. Frame type combined structure, easy to disassemble and assemble, and easy to maintain and repair.

How to choose the right pallet for different industries?
(1) Features of steel trays in automated warehouses

  1. The overall machining accuracy is relatively high, the general flatness error is ≤2mm, and the diagonal error is ≤3mm;
  2. It has an ideal anti-skid treatment;
  3. Strong sensing ability for radio frequency;
  4. The design considers the compatibility with other logistics equipment.

(2) Features of double-sided trays in the feed industry

  1. Double-sided pallet structure, pallets can be stacked directly after placing goods;
  2. Strong carrying capacity, can be designed for static load ≥ 8 tons, dynamic load ≥ 2 tons, or even higher;
  3. Fully enclosed design structure;
  4. Effectively prevent quality problems such as mildew caused by the feed being scattered into the tray.

(3) The characteristics of trays in the cold storage industry

  1. Wide application environment, meeting low temperature and high temperature environment;
  2. There is no pollution, the cold storage stores more food products, and the tray surface treatment process has a high sanitary level to ensure food safety.

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