How to configure pallets for the three most common storage rack systems

How to configure pallets for the three most common storage rack systems? Metal pallet is one of the common logistics equipment in transportation and warehousing turnover. It is also one of the most frequently used warehousing equipment with warehousing rack. The use of metal pallets can be more convenient for the direct handling of goods in storage rack with forklift, which not only provides efficiency but also saves the cost of manual handling.

Then heavy duty rack, drive in rack, shuttle rack, etc. should be combined with their own characteristics, according to different storage needs, choose different materials of pallets, pallets according to material classification can be roughly divided into metal materials, wood, plastic, new energy materials.

How to configure pallets for the three most common storage rack systems?

1. Heavy duty rack is typical of the use of pallet rack. Usually a group of such rack can have 2-3 metal pallets arranged side by side for the demand of delivery. Such racks are also often called pallet rack. When using metal pallets on heavy duty rack, some problems should be paid attention to. Firstly, it is necessary to determine the position of metal pallets and have appropriate space to facilitate the operation of forklift; secondly, it is necessary to place metal pallets on the beams of rack as neatly as possible to handle the relationship between goods and metal pallets and avoid safety accidents. The anchors must be installed at the footplate of the pallet rack to ensure the stability.

2. As an automated racking system, shuttle rack store the pallets in depth by shuttle car. Plastic pallets are the main types of pallets used, and are similar to drive in rack in terms of rack space. The basic principle of shuttle rack is that the rack and movable shuttle car form a simple unit, which can move in the warehouse. The rack with shuttle running inside is controlled by a front-end central console. Forklift trucks fork-lift rack (including shuttle car) and place them on the central console of the designated rack. Then the forklift car put the pallet on the shuttle car to start the warehousing operation. When the forklift car wants to store the next pallet, the shuttle car will deliver the pallet to the designated storage location in the rack quickly and steadily.

3. The use of drive in rack pallets, drive in rack is the master of the use of pallets. Because the drive in rack is a continuous whole-span rack which is not separated by channels, the use of pallets is also continuous, which also reduces obstacles and maximizes the ability to store goods. In use, pallets can be arranged in one-way and two-way. The total depth of one-way (wall area) rack is best controlled within 6 pallet depths, and that of two-way (middle area can be picked up on both sides) rack is best controlled within 12 pallet depths to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access. As for the choice of metal pallet or plastic pallet, we can take into account their own comprehensive considerations before deciding.

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