How to overhaul heavy duty shelving?

How to check and repair heavy-duty shelf? The heavy-duty shelf adopts a structure in which column pieces and beams are linked, and the beams are adjusted with a 50mm pitch to adjust the layer height, which is suitable for situations with large carrying capacity and long unit shelves. It can be used alone or freely spliced ​​into various arrangements, and is widely used in various industries. The load of each layer of the unit rack is usually 300~1000kg. The depth of the column piece can be designed and customized according to customer needs. The standard depth D=400/500/600/700/800; the depth D≥900mm is recommended to adopt a three-pillar structure.

After the heavy-duty laminate rack has been used for a period of time, we need to conduct safety inspections to avoid accidents. But most users can easily ignore this problem. Topeasy Industry, a professional heavy-duty laminate rack factory, teaches you to inspect and maintain heavy-duty laminate racks from the following four aspects.

  1. Check whether the condition of the heavy-duty laminate shelf is damaged or bent. If any problems are found, replace the heavy-duty laminate shelf parts immediately or require professional maintenance;
  2. Check whether the mounting bolts on the heavy-duty shelf rack are loose or missing. If problems are found, they need to be replaced immediately;
  3. Check whether the spraying on the surface of the shelf falls off and finish it with a similar color;
  4. Is the deflection of the shelf too large? Can the heavy-duty shelf rack rebound to the level after taking out the goods? If the deflection is too large or cannot rebound to a horizontal state, the bearing frame parts should be replaced.

In the process of using heavy-duty laminate racks, if you can check and maintain them regularly, your heavy-duty laminate racks will last longer.

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