How to manage and improve the efficiency of warehousing operations?

Electric operators of the fine operation, inseparable from the planned, efficient warehouse logistics management system. So how does the warehouse be standardized? How is the delivery standard developed? Treasury plan how to do? What is the performance of the warehouse? How can logistics performance be effective?

General enterprises can improve the efficiency of warehousing from the aspects of cargo optimization, inventory multi-level, standardized operation procedures, warehousing information and so on.

1, Optimize the cargo location, improve the efficiency of sorting operations.

Order the goods in an orderly manner, replacing the name, category and other information of the goods with concise text, symbols or numbers. Scientific cargo code, which is conducive to accurate cargo code, you can quickly out of storage operations, improve operational efficiency.

2, Multi-level inventory, to improve the accuracy of inventory and operating efficiency.

Personnel who participate in the Chupan, the disk, the disk and the supervisor must be trained according to the inventory management program so that the inventory personnel must fully understand the whole process of the inventory, the inventory method, the inventory use form, Check the staff to carry out cargo identification training, because the complex disk and check the staff of most of the goods are not familiar with, should strengthen the complex disk and check the staff of the identification of goods, facilitate inventory work.

3, Operation to achieve the program, improve the efficiency of warehousing operations.

To ensure that the goods before the work of the preparation of the full, the goods into the storage operation process specification is valid, the goods acceptance content is comprehensive, proper method, the document to fill the correct norms, clear division of labor, the various departments of good collaboration, storage acceptance process abnormal Problem handling appropriate place, such as documents are incomplete, do not match, the quality is different, the number does not match, there is no single goods, error and other issues. Therefore, careful organization, reasonable arrangements, as far as possible with a reasonable logistics costs to ensure that the goods out of goods by mass, according to the amount of timely and safe delivery to customers, to ensure efficient operation, accurate, low consumption and orderly.

4, Warehousing operations of information technology to improve the efficiency of warehousing operations.

With the development of enterprises, enterprises need to increase investment in all aspects, especially in the storage area in the storage facilities, storage facilities, handling equipment, sorting equipment, bar code technology and other aspects of increased investment. Application of bar code technology can effectively solve the enterprise operating efficiency is low, difficult to control inventory, cargo difficult to manage the problem, but also calmly deal with the vagaries of the market. To achieve warehousing management information, must be for each of each product of each species to establish a unique code, and the use of bar code printer bar code label paste in the clothing on the packaging or hanging on the product hanging. This will not happen again can not find the goods, missed the sales situation of the situation.

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