Boltless Steel Shelf

Boltless steel shelf has a wonderful looks and scientific structures. The upright is made of cold rolled steel sheet. And it has double lines of holes. Its beam is "P" type beam, and the height is matched with the shelf panels. The shelf panels are also made of cold roll steel. It's convenient to disassemble and assemble and it is widely used in the supermarket, warehouse and other public fields.

Three Kinds of Boltless Steel Shelf:

★Light-duty boltless steel shelf general angle steel shelving, is very convenient for installation. The adjustment distance of steel layers is 50mm for multiple usages. It is consisted of posts, shelf boards, corner pieces, pins, special bolts and plastic footing. The surface is electrostatic sprayed and the color is selectable. Its loading capability is 50-150kg. It is widely used in families, stores, supermarkets, company storages and public institutions.

★Medium-duty boltless steel shelf has good appearance and scientific structure. It is consisted of uprights, "P"beams, shelf boards, safety pins,etc. It's safe and convenient to access. The beam can be adjusted by 50mm distance for large carriage and long unit shelving rack. Load capability of each one is 250- 500 kg. It is widely used in stores, supermarkets, company storages, public institutions.

★Heavy-duty boltless steel shelf structure is assembled, so the height is adjustable, and the section is advanced designed. Loading capability is more than 500kg. Because of its large loading capacity, it's usually used in storage warehouse.

Not all Boltless Steel Shelf are created equal.

We engineer every boltless steel shelf differently, depending on the size, shape and weight of the material to be stored. The Topeasy team of warehouse design professionals understands the importance of efficient and productive warehouse operations, and they can configure the best boltless steel shelf for your warehouse and material handling requirements.

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