Cantilever Rack

Cantilever rack is made up with specialized upright frame and high strength arms, which is suitable for loading the long material, ring material, timber and irregular materials. Topeasy cantilever racks are reconfigurable, easy to assemble and efficient to use.

Features of Cantilever Rack

★The arm can be single sided or double sided, with an advantage of light structures, big load capacity. Each arm can load about 500kg. The strengthened upright can load about 2000-3000kg. With the back spaced, it can increase the steadiness of the rack.

★With the shelf panels, it is suitable for the smaller warehouse, easy to manage. Compared with the common longspan shelf rack, it has a much better density of the warehouse space.

★Cantilever rack can be varied into three according to the load capacity: light duty cantilever rack, medium duty cantilever rack duty and heavy cantilever rack.

Not all Cantilever Rack are created equal.

We engineer every cantilever rack differently, depending on the size, shape and weight of the material to be stored. Topeasy team of warehouse design professionals understands the importance of efficient and productive warehouse operations, and we can configure the best cantilever racks for your warehouse and material handling requirements.

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