Drive-in Pallet Rack

Drive-in Pallet Rack Systems are steel storage structures that provide easy access to inventory stacked in multiple levels. Pallet racks offer optimum storage density and easy access to inventory. Topeasy drive-in pallet rack systems are reconfigurable, easy to assemble and efficient to use.

Profiles of Drive-in Pallet Rack

★Drive in rack usually uses the pallets to storage the goods.The pallets can be put on the support arm one by one in the direction of the rack. In this way, it makes the high density of the space possible.

★With an inserting structure, the upright frame of the drive in rack uses the assumable structures. And the forklift can drive in to lift the goods out without special rails. The goods can be unload from one side of the rack with an arrangement of Last-In-First-Out(LIFO).

★The rack depth should be within five pallets if the rack is next to the wall of the warehouse. When the rack is in the center of the warehouse, the rack depth should be within 10 pallets, which can make forklift effectively and dependable.

★Drive-in pallet rack is suitable for the goods of less kind and large quantity. It is widely used in the fields of cold warehouse, foods and tobacco, which needs a high cost of the storage space of the warehouse.

Not all Drive-in Pallet Rack Systems are created equal.

We engineer every drive-in pallet racking system differently, depending on the size, shape and weight of the material to be stored.

The Topeasy team of warehouse design professionals understands the importance of efficient and productive warehouse operations, and productive warehouse operations, and they can configure the best drive-in pallet rack systems for your warehouse and material handling requirements.


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