Home-use Rack

Home-use rack is one of light duty boltless racks. This kind of home-use rack can be very convenient to assemble and disassemble. Because of its special design, one set of large rack can be seperated into two small sets of racks. It is widely used in home, enterprise warehouse, supermarket and so on.

Home-use Rack Structure

★The uprights and beams are made of the high quality steel sheet, connected with rivets. In this way, it has wonderful looks but sample structures. Height between levels can be adjusted by a pitch of 38mm.

★According to the load capacity, the shelf can be made of steel panels or plywood.

★The surface of the home-use rack is powder coated, which is anti-rusty and the color can last for a longer time.

★Stock sizes of home-use rack: L-600/800/1200mm; W-400mm; H-600/900mm.

Not all Home-use Rack are created equal.

We engineer every home-use rack differently, depending on the size, shape and weight of the material to be stored. Topeasy team can configure the best home-use rack for your every requirements.


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