Selective Pallet Rack

Pallet rack systems are steel storage structures that provide easy access to inventory stacked in multiple levels. Pallet racks offer optimum storage density and easy access to inventory. Elite pallet rack systems are reconfigurable, easy to assemble and efficient to use.

Pallet Rack Systems Structure

★Horizontal bars known as step beams, cross beams or load bars connect to upright frames in a grid pattern. The size of the bays in the grid varies depending on the distance between step beams and uprights.

★The upright frames have holes at regular intervals for easy connection to the step beams. Most pallet rack systems use spacers, ties, wire mesh decks and braces to stabilize the structure and provide a secure storage platform.

★Wire mesh or plywood decks give additional support for heavy loads or for easy storage in bins or other containers.

Not all Pallet Rack Systems are created equal.

We engineer every pallet racking system differently, depending on the size, shape and weight of the material to be stored. The Topeasy Industry team of warehouse design professionals understands the importance of efficient and productive warehouse operations, and they can configure the best pallet rack systems for your warehouse and material handling requirements.

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