Stacking Rack/ Pallet

Stacking rack / Pallet is also called movable rack. It can make the best use of the space of the warehouse under the condition which can not use the firm racks. Meanwhile,it can play its double function of the rack and package and make the high density of the warehouse. Stacking rack / Pallet is widely used in various fields, like transporting, moving and storing with mechanized equipments.

Stacking Rack / Pallet Structure

★There are two kinds: stationary type and detachable type.

Stationary type rack is made of formed steel which is stable and durable.

Detachable type rack is made up with bottom and four upright posts. The bottom is made of formed steel and the upright post if made of square steel.

There are two standard colors for the stacking frame: red and blue. Custom is available.

★Pallet can be varied into steel pallet, plastic pallet and wooden pallet.

Steel pallet is made of high quality steel sheet, its surface is electrostatic sprayed. Steel pallet has good ability of corrosion protection, low cost, large carriage, longer service life and other advantages.

The raw material of plastic pallet is PP/PE, to be pressed entirely. It has property of cold resistance, high elastic strenth etc. However, its loda capacity is lower than 2000kg.

Meanwhile, the cost of steel pallet is lower than the price of plastic pallet, whereas the quality is the best among the three kinds of pallets.

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