Tire Storage Rack

Tire storage rack is designed for the storage of different size(shape) of automobile components. Easy to assemble and disassemble, tire tire storage rack is widely used in storage of tyres. Tire storage racks could be produced in different specification according to customers' requirement. 

Features of Tire Storage Rack

★Foldable and stackable design: increase warehouse space utilization.

★Four-way forklift access: easy to move without space limitation.

★Powder coating treatment: corrosion prevention for a long service life.

★Modular components design: easy for parts replacement and maintenance.

★High quality and competitive price: bring your budget under control.

★More than 5 years working life: saving equipment cost in the long term.

★Made of high-quality metal steel: easy to recycle,environme tal friendly.

★Easy and fast assembly: no tools required.

★Various colors and sizes for choosing,OEM available: better meet your needs.

Not all Tire Storage Racks are created equal.

We engineer every pallet racking system differently, depending on the size, shape and weight of the material to be stored. The Topeasy team of warehouse design professionals understands the importance of efficient and productive warehouse operations, and they can configure the best tire storage rack systems for your warehouse and material handling requirements.

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