Product Description

Heavy duty storage rack is the most popular, economical and widely used racking system. Heavy duty storage rack is not only subject to storing various goods in small quality, but storing uniform commodities in large quantity as well.

Heavy duty storage rack consists of upright frames and beams. The goods is put on the pallet, operating by forklift. Also, steel plate, wood board, wire mesh deck, metal box and so on can be laid on the beams to meet customer’s different storage request.

Upright of Heavy duty storage rack: 

1, More roller procedures: larger inertia moment, stronger carrying capacity, stronger impact resistance.

2, Double row holes: higher utilization rate.

3, Five kinds of holes: waterdrop hole, teardrop hole, butterfly hole, hexagon hole and trapezoid hole.

4, Adjustable height each layer: by four kinds of pitch: 50mm or 50.8mm or 75mm or 76.2mm.

Box Beam of Heavy duty storage rack:

1, Strong box beam: made of two special “C” type steel beam, so that the upper and lower thickness of the beam thickened twice.

2, Make full use of the material’s anti-load capacity: light weight, strong bearing capacity, low cost.

3, Insert into the holes of upright: no bolts, but equipped with safety pins, more secure and reliable.

4, Safety factor: 1.5 times.

Customer Cases:

Nationality: Slovakia                                                                                    Year of Cooperation: 2015

Size of Pallet Racks: L2700*D970*H5000mm                                  Layers of Pallet Rack: 3 + ground

Amount of Pallet Racks: 43sets (Start) + 153sets(Add on)             Loading Capacity: 2000kg/layer

Delievery Time: 15 working days after 30% deposit                       Total Account: $29200 (FOB)

heavy duty storage rack


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