Product Description

Heavy duty warehouse pallet rack is the most popular, economical and widely used racking system. Heavy duty warehouse pallet rack is not only subject to storing various goods in small quality, but storing uniform commodities in large quantity as well. Heavy duty warehouse pallet rack consists of upright frames and beams. The goods is put on the pallet, operating by forklift. Also, steel plate, wood board, wire mesh deck, metal box and so on can be laid on the beams to meet customer’s different storage request.

Upright of Heavy duty warehouse pallet rack has optimum profile with 50mm or 75mm hole pitch for better loading capacity and sapce utilization. The uprights are made from cold-rolled steel and are very rigid.These are then bolted from the stable frame using horizontal and diagonal bracing. Defferent kinds of base plates ensure even distribution of load to floor unassembled.

Common Specifications of Upright: 55*60*1.2mm  55*60*1.5mm  60*80*1.8mm  60*80*2.0mm  70*90*1.8mm  70*90*2.0mm  70*100*1.8mm  70*100*2.0mm

Box Beam of Heavy duty warehouse pallet rack consist of two “front suspenders” and beam pole which is formed by two special made C-beam embraced together. This structure makes the thickness double, which is designed according to the steel structure design theory. The beams are available in a comprehensive range to cover most loading requirements.Beam section height available from 80-160mm.

Common Specifications of Box Beam: 50*80*1.5mm  50*100*1.5mm  50*120*1.5mm  50*140*1.5mm  50*160*1.5mm

Specifications of Heavy duty warehouse pallet rack                                              

1. Material: high quality steel.                                            2. Size: 2700x1100x3000mm or as required

3. Matching pallet: 1200*1200mm                              4. Upright: 55*60/60*70/60*80/70*90/70*100mm

5. Beam: 80*50/100*50/120*50/140*50mm            6. Surface treatment: static powder coating spray

7. Pallet rack feature: corrosion protection            8. Pallet rack load capability: 1-3T/layer

9. Packing: simple packing or as required                   10. Pallet rack use: warehouse/industrial storage

11. Distance between two holes: 50mm               12. Pallet rack Color: blue and orange or as required.

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