Product Description

Steel multi level mezzanine racks is designed with the support of the shelf and devide the warehouse into a unique shelf space of 2 to 3 up and down. It makes full use of warehouse space and double the amount of storage. It is applicable to higher warehouse, small goods, manual access, and the storage capacity of the occasion.

Advantages of Steel multi level mezzanine racks

★Improved warehouse storage rate: 200%; Saved the human cost: 33%;

★Improved work efficiency: 20%; Utility rate of space: 90%;

★Various usage: warehouse, office, production & service;

★Easy to relocate or expand; Convenient for the warehouse management.

This kind of rack is suitable for the fields of warehouse in a big height, little goods, unloading it manually and big storage quantity. Since it can save the space of the warehouses, it can be used in the fields of car industries, electric mechanic.

Main Parts Spec. for Steel multi level mezzanine racks:

Upright 55*60*1.5mm / 60*80*2.0mm / 70*90*2.0mm / 70*100*2.0mm
Beam 40*60*1.5mm / 50*100*1.5mm / 50*100*1.5mm / 50*120*1.5mm / 50*140*1.5mm
Others Horizontal bracing Diagonal bracing
Stairs Hoisting machine
Connector Slide track
Mezzanine floor Special hook

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Steel multi level mezzanine rack

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