What is the VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Pallet Racking?

VNA pallet racking are a type of beam shelf. The shelves are the same as the beam-type shelves, but the other parts of the system are different, such as the width of the aisle, the cooperation with the three-way forklift or the high-level picking forklift, etc. The single pallet load is restricted by the forklift, generally not exceeding 1500kg / pallet. The width of the narrow aisle channel is generally between 1.4m and 1.8m, and the rise can be up to ten meters.

The narrow aisle shelf width is only slightly wider than the pallet. It inherits the characteristics of the conventional beam-type shelf that has no strict requirements for the pallet storage layout. It can make full use of the warehouse area and height, and has a medium storage density, but the narrow aisle shelf requires a special three Access to forklifts or cranes. The three-way forklift runs along a fixed track in a straight line according to its aisle, and the storage tray moves left and right. At the same time, it needs other supporting machinery to support, and the turnaround time is longer than the traditional shelf. Because the shelf not only has the function of storing pallets, but also has the function of supporting and strengthening the handling equipment, the requirements for structural strength and tolerance coordination are extremely strict, and must be comprehensively considered, accurately designed and installed.

The narrow lanes of narrow laneways increase the utilization rate of storage space and the ground utilization rate is high. Faster access to goods. It is suitable for customers with high warehouse and high utilization rate of the entire warehouse. The storage density of shelves is high, but the investment is relatively large, and the requirements for shelf quality and installation quality are also relatively high.

If the storage or logistics center has the following characteristics, you can consider choosing narrow aisle shelves:

  1. The available net height of the warehouse is higher than 8m;
  2. The amount of goods stored is large, the goods enter and exit more frequently and have higher picking requirements for the goods;
  3. The warehouse or logistics center urgently needs to increase the number of storage spaces, but the expansion space is limited, and the conventional beam shelf can be changed to a narrow lane shelf.

The basic elements of narrow laneway (beam type) shelf design:

  1. Pallet size and cargo specifications (width W depth D height H), the direction of the forklift when the forklift accesses the goods;
  2. The weight of the goods (including pallets or boxes) and the number of stacked layers;
  3. The model or parameters of the selected forklift and the available net height of the warehouse;
  4. Choose the proper column and beam;
  5. Logistics trend.

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