Construction and Application of Intensive Storage System

With the increase of land cost and labor cost in recent years, the degree of attention to the construction and operation of logistics warehousing system has been improved obviously. The high density and automatic storage mode has become the main trend of warehousing system construction.

On the current technological development point of view, the typical equipment and systems can achieve high-density, automated storage methods are:

Rotary container: suitable for large density and low volume throughput selection, such as parts, jewelry and other specific commodity storage. The system has a lot of goods, through the rotation, the selected goods will be sent to the front of the picking staff, pick up the system after the rotation again, the second shipment to the picker in front of, and so on to complete the picking work.

Goods to the people system: replenishment, sorting, storage, tally, sort and cache, return, inventory, delivery goods and other different parts of the operation is integrated into a system using shuttle and vertical lift.

Box-type stereoscopic storehouse: An automated stereoscopic storehouse of storage units with cartons or cartons. Access to the same way as the tray-type library, but the system’s storage unit is plastic box, the demand for automated storage will gradually increase, depending on the cost of space and labor is not a gradual process. Rather than the tray, due to a significant reduction in the weight of the conveyor unit, so the throughput is several times the pallet library, for replenishment, box picking and other operations.

Pallet-type stereoscopic storehouse: An automated stereoscopic storehouse with a pallet as a storage unit for replenishment and bulk wholesale business.

Automatic sorting system: suitable for large throughput small package of zero picking operations. Typical is the A-frame system, which consists of strip-shaped storage and central conveyor lines arranged on both sides, and the automatic boxing system. At the peak of the order, the goods are automatically pushed to the central delivery line according to the order requirements. Line from one side to the other side of the order after the completion of an order, one order in order to achieve a fully automatic high-throughput selection, an hour can handle up to more than 2,000 orders.

Robot picking system: automatically determine the plastic box scattered products using image recognition technology, combined with mechanical and electrical integration design to achieve high-speed zero pick.

Automatic review system: image recognition technology combined with the automatic sorting system to achieve real-time review of goods.

In the practical application, in order to save space and labor costs, the need for a comprehensive planning and storage system, the above-mentioned single equipment or subsystems only with other means used in order to achieve the purpose: such as automatic sorting system, there are A The central conveyor line system also has robotic automatic picking systems where the storage density is not high, but the throughput of the zero pick is very large, so it can reduce the number of operating areas to improve r space utilization: The increase in the automation system will increase the investment in equipment, so the need for a comprehensive assessment of the system design stage, so that the right thing is the best practice is to build a warehouse before the logistics system Design, rather than to be the Treasury has been planned after the completion of the design.

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