Why do some racks fall when they collide?

Why do some racks fall when they collide? Another expression of this question is, should racks be collision-proof? It is well known that racks are used in conjunction with handling equipment. Most racks are equipped with forklifts. It is almost inevitable that forklift collide with racks due to misoperation. However, the accidental loads caused by forklift impact are not considered in the design standard of the rack structure (the dynamic loads of forklifts when loading and unloading goods are given in the mature European rack design standard EN15512, which reflects the good operation of forklifts. For the racks equipped with forklifts, the impact of forklifts is not considered in the design. The reason is that the main stress components of the racks, such as columns and beams, are cold-formed thin-walled steel members, which cannot resist such a large horizontal force at all (the impact horizontal force of forklifts must be about 250 kN for warehouse building columns specified in EN1991-1-7). So far, all rack designs have not considered this impact force, that is to say, the rack is not resistant to forklift impact! If we have to consider it, the result is that the rack cost of a single storage space rises sharply, which is bound to have a serious impact on the warehousing and logistics industry.

Therefore, the design of racks that fall on collision is not necessarily inadequate. Designing racks that meet the standards may also fall on collision. A rack that is impacted but does not collapse is not necessarily designed to meet the standards, and a rack that is not designed adequately may not collapse if impacted.

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