Why does the shelf shake slightly during acceptance or use?

In the acceptance process of heavy-duty shelves, we often hear: Why is the shelf shaking, is there a problem with the quality of the shelf? However, is this really the case? In fact, this is a big misunderstanding of shelf usage. Here, please listen to Topeasy Industry to do a brief analysis for everyone:

        First, the shaking of heavy shelves is not necessarily a quality issue. It is normal for heavy shelves to float slightly when they are shaken artificially, and it will not affect the use of beam shelves. After all, the heavy beam shelf is composed of multiple slender rods to form a shelf cuboid frame structure. Under artificial shaking, the material is slightly deformed and floated, which can no longer shake the entire cuboid structure. The more layers of heavy shelf beams, the more groups connected in a single row, the smaller the shaking.

       Secondly, after the shelf is installed, if the shelf is shaking when it is shaken by hand, this situation is also wrong. Because the beam-type shelf is subjected to vertical downward gravity during use, and no horizontal force is used at all, it is impossible to generate a horizontal force to shake the storage shelf under the correct use of the shelf, so this This situation is no problem for the daily use of heavy shelves.

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